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scallion seeds



making salt

11-11-11 ---- Updated Article: Making Sea Salt

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sdv1111-15-11 ---- New article added: Seed Saving - Scallions (green onions)
Learn this simple seed saving technique with our step by step guide.

3-20-11 ----- New article added: Dividing Artichoke Plants
A step by step guide to help you establish your own perennial artichoke plants. Nothing says Spring like fresh artichokes right from your yard.



dividing artichoke plants

11-11-11---- Article Update: Making Sea Salt
One of the most read articles on the site has been re-vamped with new photos and new tips for easy make at home sea salt.


pruning rosemary



2-06-11 ----- New article added: Pruning Rosemary
Proper pruning is essential to your Rosemary's health and shape. Learn
everything you need to know with this how-to loaded with photos and tips.




12-26-10 ----- New article added: How To Cook Crab
Complete instructions and pictures to help you perfectly cook crab every time.

11-28-10 ----- New article added: Hunting and Harvesting Chanterelle Mushrooms
A complete guide to finding and harvesting Chanterelle Mushrooms. One of the best tasting wild foods you can find. NWSC helps you help yourself once again. Enjoy!





10-23-10 ----- New recipe added: Homemade Sun Tea
Nothing says summertime like a cold glass of fresh made sun tea.
Try this super easy technique and enjoy your own glass today.



8-20-10 ------ New recipe added: Dutch Oven Meatloaf
The first dutch oven recipe from New World Seed Company. Meatloaf cooked outdoors
in a dutch oven can’t be compared to the standard oven cooked version.
Try this dutch oven meatloaf recipe today and hone your mastery of the ancient
methods of cooking outdoors over fire.



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6-19-10 -------- New article added: Fish Cooked Over An Open Fire
We call this "fish on a stick" and there is no fresher way to eat your catch.
Get back to your Neanderthal roots and learn this essential survival
cooking technique. As always, detailed photos and text guide you through the
step by step process.


8-9-10 ------- Something different: RC Plane video
From a friend of the site comes this home video of a Remote Control Airplane on its maiden flight.
This is a hand built F4U Corsair .60 ARF powered by a single cylinder four stroke engine.