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This article deals more with the technique involved to cook a perfect
meatloaf and less with the particular recipe for the meatloaf.
There are no limits to what exactly can go into a meatloaf.
Google meatloaf recipes if you need ideas. The use of a dutch oven
imparts a fabulous flavor to the meatloaf and it is an excellent
outdoor meal to feed several people with minimal effort.
The basic idea is to make the meatloaf, heat the dutch oven,
cook for 45 minutes to an hour and enjoy.
Here is the breakdown of the steps involved with pictures of
the entire process..


Prepare your meatloaf according to your favorite recipe or as I usually do, based on
what you have in your kitchen at the time. This article uses a 2 pound meatloaf.
You can size your according to your needs. Cooking time for a one pound loaf would
be about the same.

Start briquettes in your barbecue as you normally would for any grilling. For this
dutch oven recipe you will need about 10 briquettes for the bottom of the oven and
about 20 for the lid.

When the briquettes are almost half white it’s time to transfer them to the dutch oven.
Put a layer of 10 briquettes on the bottom then set the dutch oven on top of these

Put the lid on the oven and place 20 -24 briquettes on top of the lid. Let the oven
warm up like this for a few minutes.

Add bacon pieces to season/grease the oven. A few pieces should be plenty to get a
grease layer on the bottom of the oven to make sure the meatloaf doesn’t stick.

Add the prepared meatloaf to the dutch oven. This recipe uses a coating of tomato
sauce over the top of the loaf with a few strips of bacon layer on top of this.
If you aren’t using a sauce layer on top this will still work fine.

Put the lid back on top of the oven and leave it alone for about forty five minutes.

After about forty five minutes lift the lid and see how things are progressing.
You could use a meat thermometer inserted half way through the meatloaf to check
the internal temperature for doneness if you wish. When the meatloaf is done to
the desired internal temperature (160 degress F) use 2 spatulas and lift the meatloaf
out of the oven and onto a serving platter. Let this set for a few moments before
slicing it for serving. Use this time to clean your oven.

Drain the dutch oven of the left over grease immediately and wipe clean with
paper towels. If you do this step immediately the dutch oven will wipe clean with
ease and save you a ton of time later on. After you wipe it clean you can leave
it over the coals for awhile to help further season the stove if you wish.
Let the stove cool slowly until it is cool to the touch and can be stored safely.
A few paper towels placed inside the oven and around the lid will help the dutch
oven store better.

Don’t pour cold water into a hot dutch oven, this could crack the stove.

Don’t use soap to clean your oven. Soap ruins the oven’s coating and can impart a
soapy flavor to everything cooked in the oven after this.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Email us with any questions or suggestions. - NWSC